Elimination – Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin-brushing: This method of skin-elimination and circulation boosting has now passed almost into legend. I haven’t read a book about detoxing, anti-aging, wellbeing, healthy lifestyle changes in the last 30 years, without it containing this amazingly simple and effective method.

Skin-brushing is invigorating, it will energise you and it directly works on stimulating your lymphatic system.

You use a Mexican-cactus fibre brush (you will recognize it as a back bath brush, they are wood and bristle, have long handles and oval brush heads.) You use long repetitive strokes, using the brush DRY, on DRY skin, working from your feet up to your neck – and you need only brush your skin for up to five minutes at a time.

This is where homeostasis comes in again: more is not more. 10 minutes a day is not ‘better’ than five minutes every other day, your body just gets used to it and the method stops working as well. And you only brush every day for the first week, then start chopping and changing the days you skin-brush to keep tricking your body into getting rid of wastes.

So this is what you do: Start with your hands, brush up your fingers and palms to wrists – use about 7 long strokes for every part of the body you brush. Then move from wrists up to elbows, moving around your forearm. Then brush up from elbows to armpits. Move back down to your feet, and brush up from toes to ankles, up the balls of your feet, up your ankles and heels. Then move up brushing from ankles to knees. Then from knees to buttocks. This is when I then do some very long strokes up the back of my legs from calves through the back of my knees to buttocks, which really gets circulation and drainage going. Then use circular motions around your buttocks and stomach. If it is not too sensitive. If this area is still sensitive, then use longer upwards strokes. Brush up your waist, front and back towards the heart.

Now, change directions and brush down from your neck to your nipples. Brushing your neck downwards from jawbone to collarbone, very gently on a regular basis greatly improves skin texture on your neck area. Be careful as you brush down your breasts, don’t actually brush your nipples, they are far too sensitive. Lastly you need to brush down your back from shoulder to the bottom of your shoulder blades. If you do have any bad skin sensitivity, dry or broken skin, or eczema, then do not brush that area but simply work around it.

NOW get in the shower or bath – then massage with oil when you get out. It does not take long at all to notice an improvement in your skin tome and texture. Before there is an improvement, your skin many appear very dry for a few days as it goes through the process of finding a balance, before it gets softer and clearer. But by cleansing your skin in this way you will find that you don’t need to use as much soap in the bath or shower, as your skin is already clean – and the less you can use in the way of artificial or chemical cleansers on your skin the better, resulting in healthier skin.