Spirit Care

Hand with third eye holding a yellow flower. Photo based illustration.

Making our mind/body a more comfortable place for the spirit to dwell

silence 2

Silence, Nature’s gift to the body/mind/spirit.

Time . . . Increasing the amount of time per day spent in silence gives the body/mind a rest from responding to the stimulation of the outside world and life in general and so the spirit is at ease.

Turn Within . . .  Whilst we don’t have to respond to anything on the outside, silence allows us to be able to turn within, to go into our own inner space, our own world of spirit on the inside.

Relax . . .  Silence may be difficult to find, but just as relaxation is cumulative and you can build up the amount of time you spend relaxing, so you can build up the amount of time you spend in silence.

Enjoy Peace . . . Managing 10 minutes at first may be difficult for you, as it was for me when I first started meditating. Build it up, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, until you can manage 30 minutes at a stretch. Until you can manage, say, a 30 minute walk in silence and peace and enjoy it, benefitting from the space you can give yourself.

Where is it . . . Ask yourself: where will you get silence freely? And how can you make it in your life?

Harmony . . . Eventually you will be able to experience a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing – being happier with yourself, happier in your body/mind, more accepting of yourself, and you spirit will be more freely at ease .

Balance . . .  And balance is what happens when you know in your heart something is right.