Mind Care – Take time to Breathe

Abstract painting of breath with White Lotus.

Take time to Breathe to care for your Mind

Personally, I love the Yoga concepts of the Bliss State, the stillness of the Ultimate Mind of the Divine which accepts us totally – and the Mother of the Breath which breathes all of us and breathes life force energy into us. And Ayurveda in its practice of elements, guides us that air needs space to move in – so breath needs to flow into us to fill the spaces within . . . breath and joy co-exist in Yoga.

A relaxation with slow breathing as in a Yoga Nidra, is a relaxation of the mundane, conscious mind and intended to bring the sweetness of relaxation to your mind and body so you can experience the joy in your practice.

Cultivate the time for deep breathing in your daily routine, and just 10 minutes makes a big difference to the quality of your mind-state.