Body Care – Oil Salt Scrub

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Salt Skin Scrubbing

This acts fast as a pick-me-up, because it instantly improves the feel of your skin and leaves you tingly and invigorated as a result of stimulating your circulation.

I keep oil and salt in the bathroom ready for this scrub. I have two bottles (which I think are meant for storing herbs), one containing Olive Oil and the other with ordinary table salt. Jam jars are okay to use as storage jars also.

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As well as Olive Oil and table salt, other concoctions I have used have been combinations of Sesame Oil (thick and luxurious) and sea salt (well ground down). Grape Seed Oil is nice and plain old Vegetable Oil is also okay. I tend to steer clear of baby oil as it is a mineral oil and tends to leave a residue on the skin which I find uncomfortable.

What you do: Stand in the bath or shower, take handful of oil and massage it liberally onto your legs from your feet, working up the legs right up to your buttocks. Take another handful of oil and massage the stomach, mid-section and chest. You’ll need another handful of oil for your back – you take one hand back to the shoulders and the other goes to the back of the heart and shoulder blades, massage, then reverse the hands and continue massaging in the oil. One more handful of oil and massage both arms and hands.

Take a handful of salt, divide it between your two hands and massage into the oily skin – repeating the routine above, rubbing with small circular movements and always towards the heart (which means up the legs, up the arms, up the stomach, down the chest and back).

oil salt scrub 4

When you’ve had a good scrub all over, wash off with tepid water and towel your skin dry. You can use this skin scrubbing once a week – and it’s extremely self-nurturing to have the bathroom, towels and oil warmed up prior.

cold water paddlingCold Water Paddling

My advice would be to finish off your weekly salt skin scrubbing session with cold water paddling – the feeling of exhileration afterwards is well worth it and you certainly feel invigorated and alive!