Pure Being Wellbeing

Alchemical Sun

one guiding principle

One eternal principle guides us in our self-care, because we are divinity itself in essence and because we live in a human body through which the Divine and Divine Mother work . . . we experience that as power which has to be contained

A profound sense of wellbeing we associate with an inner richness, an earthiness, an appreciation of all things, generous and nurturing, wholesomeness . . . embodying our one guiding principle

With reverence for wisdom of the power of nature

And Harmony

Pure Wellbeing cultivates itself in us when we create or restore inner harmony . . . when the inner and outer worlds of our beings are at ease with each other

aroma 3Aromatherapy

Moody Buddha and spa items.Ayurvedic Wellbeing

oil salt scrub 4Elimination

ayurvedic simple daily routinePure Being Wellbeing