Cold Water Paddling

Cold Water Paddling Circulation Booster

A healthy immune system relies on good drainage of toxins, which you only get with good circulation. Quite often poor circulation shows up first in the skin of the thigh area of the body. Cold Water Paddling gets circulation going quickly. Also Cold Water Paddling is an invigorating way for the overweight to get up motivation and energy for exercise – it’s recommended in the Body Zen Body Bliss 30-day program.

Paddle in a bath or shower tub filled with about 2” of cold water every morning, for one minute!

You need to be dedicated and motivated to do this but it won’t take long before even tired legs that feel like “tree-trunks” start to feel lighter and stronger and you notice an improvement in vitality.

My advice would be to combine the two routines: Salt Skin Scrubbing and Cold Water Paddling and finish off  your weekly Salt Skin Scrubbing session with Cold Water Paddling – the feeling of exhileration afterwards is well worth it and you certainly feel invigorated and alive!

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