Aromatherapy – Massage Oil Blends

sesame oil

Aromatherapy Essential Oils are used sparingly, drop by drop, and need to be mixed in a carrier oil.

These are the most common and readily available options for carrier oils (we use organic whenever possible) . . . and below are my favourite massage oil blends.

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Carrier Oils

Sesame: This is probably the most popular oil in India

Mustard: Popular in Northern India, hence it’s common usage where I grew up (but too strong for me)

Olive Oil: A most suitable and freely available alternative in the West to Sesame (my daily drink, perfume and skin-food)

Almond: Rich and suitable for both men and women

Coconut: A beautiful aroma and a pleasure to the skin and senses

aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy Oil Massage Blends

As a general rule, you’ll want to use about 70 drops of essential oils for every 8 oz. of carrier oil. To blend the oils, drip the essential oils into your glass bottle first, then add the carrier oil. Put the top on the bottle, and then roll the bottle between your palms in order to blend the oils.

detox blendDetox Blend

Grapefruit, Sandalwood,Rosemary and Geranium essential oils blended in your carrier oil

Sandalwood is expensive, so as I would normally use 8 drops of each essential oil, and I want to use 4 oils, I use less Sandalwood, so the recipe is:

Sandalwood 6 drops; Grapefruit 8 drops; Rosemary 8 drops; Geranium 8 drops; Carrier Oil 4-5 oz

rosemary blendRecharging Blend

Rosemary 8 drops; Ginger 8 drops; Rosewood 6 drops; Orange 8 drops; Carrier Oil 4-5 oz

lavender blend

Relaxing Blend

Lavender 8 drops; Bergamot 8 drops; Marjoram 8 drops: Vetivert 6 drops; Carrier Oil 4 – 5 oz

My source: When I really needed it, a friend gave me this book in 1994 (thank you Kaz)

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