Pure Being

Self-care is the self-healing in self-effort

O Rama, one should, with a body free from illness and a mind

free from distress, pursue self-knowledge . . .

and such self-effort has a three-fold fruit:

an inner awakening in the intelligence,

a decision in the mind and the physical action.”

Sage Vasistha

Alchemical Sun

one guiding principle

One eternal principle guides us in our self-care, because we are divinity itself in essence and because we live in a human body through which the Divine and Divine Mother work . . . we experience that as power which has to be contained

A profound sense of wellbeing we associate with an inner richness, an earthiness, an appreciation of all things, generous and nurturing, wholesomeness . . . embodying our one guiding principle

With reverence for wisdom of the power of nature

And Harmony

Pure Wellbeing cultivates itself in us when we create or restore inner harmony . . . when the inner and outer worlds of our beings are at ease with each other

 Pure Wellbeing

Pure Wellbeing

In Body Zen Body Bliss and our Pure Being self-caring practices, we’re including aromatherapy and ayurvedic rituals for self-massage, elimination and cleansing which support the liver.

We also Support the hypothalamus for growth hormone by promoting sufficient deeply nourishing Sleep ( one benefit of increased Melatonin levels with breathing, relaxation and meditation practices)

We’re making our Mind-Body a more comfortable place for the Spirit to dwell.

Yoga says:  You are a spiritual being in a Human Body – and this is not easy.

Our union in Yoga is our connection of the mind, body and spirit with the Soul – and the Divine, in whatever what you experience your Source

In our Practice, we are connecting with that Spirituality.  And you turn to Yoga for your Wellbeing, because you have a desire for your  deeper spiritual connection.

You experience this when your Practice meets your Life.

There is no goal, only being . .  . the universe accepts you unconditionally just for being yourself . . . for your perfection

Some Inspiration:


From the very first minute that we arrive on this planet we are measured, compared, examined, evaluated, appraised and assessed. Then, as we grow older, we are encouraged to compete. No wonder we all grow up so keenly conscious of our place in the world and our need to keep attaining and defending positions. But none of this is what makes you special or why you matter.  Astrologer Jonathan Cainer

Wise woman in illuminated prayer. Photo based illustration.

As we go through life,  we are conditioned by family, friends, society and experiences; over the years the fear of rejection, disappointment, failure and/or looking like a fool take over preventing us from chasing our passion fearlessly like children in a new world where anything was possible.

You can be whoever you want to be, but in truth you can only be yourself; only, this requires courage and a certain degree of fearlessness, which is never easy.   Astrologer Priya Kale


Credit: Images Elena Ray