Living Simply With Yoga

Living Simply with Yoga is about simple living, a simple daily routine, living in the moment with awareness.

“Simple Living is about living consciously and in the moment. Consciousness is about awareness and this simple “Simple Living” process helps you to raise your awareness of how you’re living your life – and learning to live in the magic of life unfolding.” Susan

Step One:


Step Two:

Go to the “sweetspot” regularly – listen to meditative music.

Step Three:

Practice Right diet: Dietary control is very important in living with Yoga in your life. Traditionally vegetarianism suits the Yoga body/mind – but books such as “Eat Right 4 Your Type” have taught us that not everyone can be vegetarian or eat raw food diets. Learn what you can about your body and what foods are going to bring you optimum health. Eating little and often suits the Yoga body.

Step Four:

Practice mindfulness: focused concentration. Be fully aware of your actions throughout the day, being in the moment as much as possible.

Step Five:

Get inspiration: read uplifting books, watch inspiring dvd’s, listen to beautiful poetry and teachings. The Yogis were always insistent that the dedicated Yoga student (especially meditation practitioners) take Satsangs . . . . teachings of the Masters, an important part of our Sadhana (practice) which teaches us humility.

Step Six;

Spend time in self-care and self-nurturing – and this is time you spend alone. Make time for time with yourself.

Step Seven:

Daily Intention – focus on a simple, positive goal each day.

Step Eight:

Express yourself creatively – art, music, beauty, writing were all important to the ancient Yogis – because they said we experience the thrill of the vibration of the Universe through creativity – Universal Life Force Energy is creative energy.  Journal regularly if this is your only means of creative expression.

Step Nine:

Slow Down – you can only experience the miracle of life and living, seeing the magic in life if you slow down, learning Yogic breathing is wonderful for this as is appreciating your senses. In Yoga Meditation you withdraw your senses to heighten your sensitivity.

Step Ten:

Move. Move your bodymind regularly. Allow energy to flow.

Go through the above steps slowly, introducing one step at a time into your routine until your life has transformed.

Namaste. Enjoy!


Susan’s video on Intention is here

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