About Body Zen Body Bliss

Namaste and welcome . . .

“My aim is not to change the world, but change our attitude to self-healing: bringing peace instead of fear, and offer the support we all need when we are on a healing journey . . . when we know better we can do better, and better information makes for better choices.” – Susan

What is My Bliss?

As your teacher and guide on this healing journey which will take you from body imbalance and being blocked, I aim to support you in going from deep anxiety, fear and panic about your health and life . . . from victim consciousness to healing consciousness with vitality and health.

My revolutionary approach to cancer is a healing approach using the whole of Yoga and also my teaching of Zen.

Blocking our energy makes us sick. Freeing ourselves, clearing these blocks to our health is  a process . . . I call it a “Revolution” because everything turns around, and we change and bring healing changes into our lives. I teach simplicity . . . of what our Soul, Body and Heart needs: so there’s no “block” between your Bliss Body and your life.


What is My Healing Response?

The need for simplicity is our need for balance.

There is a saying now that explains what is disease and what is “my response” . . . Susan explains Epigenetics in this video: the answer to “how are my body’s cells responding to life?” If the response is disease, then the healing is in restoring balance with our inner harmony: the path to freedom, which is health in yoga and zen.

Our One Guiding Principle

Zen and the Eastern Paths to Wholeness teach us a guiding principle: the mystery that flows through us all is the Sacred Feminine Principle. What I call Body Zen is the care of, respecting and nurturing of the power of life within us all: teaching about the Wisdom Body.

Simplicity brings Balance

For “First Steps on this Path” read Susan’s Blog on Living Simply with Yoga

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